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Does Your Retail POS System Monitor Employee Performance? It Should.

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Does Your Retail POS System Monitor Employee Performance? It Should.

Every good retailer knows that good employees are crucial to boosting the bottom line. And delivering top-level customer service is a key factor in staying ahead of the giant online retailers.

But, especially if you run multiple stores, do you know which of your employees are your top people? Or whether your incentives are working? Or whether part-time staff performs as effectively as your full-time employees?†Does Your Retail POS System Monitor Employee Performance?

A good retail point of sale system can help you answer all of those questions, and more.

Runitís Employee Management module allows you to track key sales figures for each employee in real time. You can set schedules in the system for employees in multiple locations and track whether your employees are sticking to their schedules, whether you are there to see them or not.

Imagine the possibilities the Runit Employee Management module could help you achieve in these key areas:

Employee Evaluation

You will be able to evaluate employees based on real sales numbers rather than speculation or on the managerís likes or dislikes. Employee morale tends to rise, since performance reviews are based on undeniable data. Your efficiency improves for the same reason.


Your weaker performers might be improved by coaching and training. In addition to identifying them, the numbers can help show you where they need the most help and training. And you might be able to enlist your top performers to teach some of their superior skills to the weaker members of your staff, particularly if you are able to identify what makes them strong performers to begin with.


The best employees will often perform even better if you direct special incentives and commissions their way. You can use the Employee Management module to measure the effect that any incentives have had, once they have run for a while, to determine whether they are, indeed, driving higher sales or need to be adjusted.

Time Allocation

The combination of performance evaluation and scheduling power thatís built into the Employee Management module can help you allocate shifts in the most beneficial way. You can, for example, put your highest paying salespeople on the floor during your busiest hours to maximize total sales potential.

Location Analysis

The Employee Management module gives you real data to determine which of your locations are superior performers and which are lagging behind.

Part-Time Vs. Full Time

You may be able to save money on benefits by hiring part-time employees, but are you losing sales in the process? The management module can tell you, at a glance, whether part timers perform as strongly as full time staffers on the sales floor.

Theft Prevention

You can assign differing levels of security to management and non-management so key leakage areas like discounts and cash-drops require oversight. The systemís performance indicators can also flag employees whose shifts always seem to underperform or dole out more discounts, or both, which can highlight areas to watch more closely.

Customer Satisfaction and the Competitive Edge

If you are not using all of these powerful tools now, contact Runit soon to learn more about how the Employee Management module can improve your bottom line. Employees are the lifeblood of any business, and gaining more visibility into such a crucial resource can be the key that allows you to deliver higher customer satisfaction and the competitive edge that comes with it.


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