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How A POS Can Help With Employee Management

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How A POS Can Help With Employee Management

Retail managers and store owners have many employee-management duties, ranging from scheduling floor staff to evaluating their sales performance. Retailers face added complexity in these tasks, largely due to an average monthly turnover rate of five percent, as reported by Bloomberg. Using a manual system for employee management takes time away from other essential duties, such as inventory management. However, a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system can streamline employee management and free up valuable time.

Benefits of a POS with Employee-Management Features

When a POS system handles employee management, it allows managers and store owners to transition from less productive manual systems. Using a digital system to create employee schedules makes it easier to see employee availability, requested time off and other details that make scheduling challenging. When a retailer is willing to work with employee schedule requirements, employee engagement rises. As a result, when employees are engaged with their work, Gallup reports they are 22 percent more productive.

Employee management features in a POS system also make it easy to track hours with clock-in and out. Compensation can be handled through the system, decreasing payroll complexity when it comes to payday. These features make it easier for a manager to keep the retail store running smoothly and the employees happy.

Improve Security with Access Controls

A cloud-based POS system provides several employee-management benefits outside of its standard feature set. For example, managers or owners can easily set security levels on the system to control access for employees. Merchants can create templates to quickly copy permissions to new employees and can assign different security settings to individual employees. A new employee may only have access to basic POS functions, while a long-term assistant manager can access more information. These settings are assigned to personnel per store to allow tighter security control.

Increase Employee Sales

This system also provides retailers with integrated access to their data, so sales data is tied in with employee-management functions. Due to this integration, retail managers can see sales performance and other employee performance metrics. For retailers offering performance-based pay increases, this system makes it easier to track valuable employees. Hay Group reports 3.6 percent of retail budgets are allocated for increasing compensation for high-performance employees to improve retention.

A cloud-based POS system provides many useful employee management features. Whether managers need help with day-to-day operations or long-term employee retention strategies, an integrated, modern POS makes it easier to keep the store well staffed and improve employee satisfaction.

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