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Customize Your eReceipts for Valentine’s Day

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Customize Your eReceipts for Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s Day shopping season is here, which means that many retailers are considering how they can mark the occasion. According to statistics from the National Retail Federation, consumers spent around $18.9 billion on Valentine’s Day in 2015, the highest total so far. Nearly 20 percent of these consumers purchased gifts from specialty stores, and 13.3 percent bought a gift from a local or small business. Therefore, no matter how big or small the business, retailers should get into the Valentine’s Day spirit by decorating their retail point of sale and offering customized eReceipts. One way to create a celebratory atmosphere for shoppers is to use electronic receipts that are customized for the holiday.

Why Customize Your eReceipts?

With so many customers buying gifts for their partners before Valentine’s Day, businesses put a lot of effort into customizing their stores and websites in preparation for Valentine’s Day. Retailers can mark the occasion for customers by offering a customized “eReceipt.” Including POS eReceipts in this customization process allows the fun atmosphere to spread into every aspect of shopping, showing the retailer’s attention to detail and easily extending marketing capabilities.

Opportunities to Encourage Further Sales

In addition to buying gifts for their significant others, over 27 percent of shoppers buy gifts for their friends on Valentine’s Day, according to a survey by Adroit Digital. People also buy gifts for their family members, children, colleagues, and even pets. Retailers can encourage people to come back to a store to buy further gifts by offering a special Valentine’s discount on every eReceipt. This discount should be time-limited to encourage the customer to return quickly to the store.

How to Customize Your eReceipts

Retailers can customize their POS eReceipts for Valentine’s Day by adding romantic images, such as hearts, flowers, and Cupid arrows, and some fun and friendly text. Choose a color scheme that complements Valentine’s Day as well as your store aesthetic, such as red or pink. Some stores choose to use a flowing font to create a romantic feel, whereas others choose a casual font to create a cute, fun vibe. Retailers can also use customized eReceipts to let their customers know how much they appreciate them with a heartfelt Valentine’s message.

Enhancing Customers’ Valentine’s Day Shopping Experience

Overall, retailers that offer fun and friendly eReceipts enhance the customer experience in the run up to Valentine’s Day by adding a level of convenience. Customers who receive eReceipts at a retail POS don’t have to keep track of paper receipts, which means that it is much easier for them to return or exchange gifts. A retail POS system is also convenient for retailers, allowing them to keep track of sales and ensure that their most popular items are in stock.

Holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, are an opportunity for retailers to make some extra sales, as many people buy gifts for their partners, friends, and family. Customized eReceipts can make the Valentine’s Day shopping experience even more special, bringing a sense of fun into the process while giving customers all the convenient benefits of eReceipts over traditional paper receipts.

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