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3 Reasons Your POS System Should Have Mobile Apps

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3 Reasons Your POS System Should Have Mobile Apps

Retailers are seeing the advantages of embracing mobile technology innovations. An estimated 52 million mobile POS (mPOS) units will ship in 2018, according to a Smart Insights report. A robust POS system that also enables mobile functionality is key to efficiency for a busy retailer.†Here are†3 reasons to consider a POS with mobile apps.

1. Optimize Store Operations

Since retail doesnít sleep, retail management software doesnít either. With mobile POS software, retailers can check business stats remotely from the cloud, view real-time transactions, track inventory and link to accounting software.

Integrated POS software is a game-changer whether the retailer has three, 20 or 100 stores. Mobile POS enables business owners to gain an immediate overall picture of retail operations ó from wherever they are. This convenience can foster deeper insights and better business decisions.

2. Enhance Customer Experience

A mobile POS system can help the retailer create better customer loyalty with a convenient and personalized shopping experience for clients. With the sales associates can meet customers on the sales floor and offer personalized service with access to information such as:

  • Inventory data
  • Customerís preferred styles, sizes and colors
  • Loyalty program details such as birthday and rewards

3. Engage in Digital Marketing

Using the email address gained through sending eReceipts, the retailer can build a database for future marketing opportunities. Store employees can use the mobile POS to gain customer details before, during or after the sale, from anywhere in the store.†

As growing retailers need to balance their time and energy often across physical store locations, having mobile POS is key to getting realtime insights and managing client information on the fly.

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